What is wordpress # What happens to WordPress

What is wordpress WordPresss is a web platform. And on this you can create your blog. Or you can also make any shopping site. Whatever site we build on WordPresss, there is no problem in operating it.

In today’s era | The world’s largest platform is WordPress. 70 – 80% people are using this wordpres plateform. In this platform you have many. Themes are also good. In this platform you get many themes too. And friends, this platform becomes so attracted to the web. Anyone who comes to your blog or website at any time.

So he will feel like coming again and again. So friend WordPress is the most he is. If anybody wants to create a blog or website. So I would say this is good wordpres. You have so many activities in it.

You do not even need php code css  information in it. Because in it you get Already Creation. Like making themes, designing or styling. And its processing is also fast. Your site ranks well.

On WordPress we can create a site for any method. And can also earn good money. And there is a good way to earn. In WordPress you will add a post and you will also earn from those posts. How will earnings now? We will tell you in the second post.

In this we will only tell about WordPress. What is WordPres and whats on WordPress It is very easy to create a website on Dear Friends WordPresss. How to create a blog on WordPress | You will also tell about it. How to install WordPress in the next post. And how to do it.


The site on friend wordpress looks very beautiful. By which everyone wants. Create such a site in Hey brother Who does not want his website looks good People should be attracted to him.

Everyone wants this. This is why WordPresss is popular. And when something is good. Only then does his fan following more. So today WordPresss is shadowed. Everyone is using more wordpress at all. If you like you, then you can do WordPres. WordPres is the most easily used platform.

In this you get plangins. By which you can operate your site as well as you like. These plunging make your work very easy. You can set them to become your site. And you can also set a nice style. WordPress is the most powerful full platform. With the help of which you can become a topper webstore. By which you can create your own identity. Like Facebook owner is Whatsapp Founder. Like all of these, your name will also be. So WordPresss is very useful. This is going to benefit you very much. agar You create your own WordPresss site. So you can also create a business site. Which will earn you a lot.

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