What is Whatsapp

What is Whatsapp is a social site that we can talk about,

and the best thing to do with your friend Ridders No one can hack our messages in such a way nor can we join our number without And specially it is good for girls. what is whatsapp

It often happens that girls make an account on Facebook So they do not know much about our Facebook account,
who does not have to advertise, and they even add unaware of it.
So that they have a lot of trouble later on Hey brother is a simple thing that will be an add and want to talk. Would the girls add to happiness if they did not talk but if the add-on does not matter then it would be an annoying anger when it comes to anger,
then he will speak wrongly.
So the girls do not like it. Somebody called them wrong, therefore, whitspop is good for girls,
there is no such problem in them. What is the whatsapp in which you give the number you can add? 
So whatsapp is great I want to say to everyone in Whatsapps There is also good for myself And we can not even join useless people.

Whatsapp is great,

we can send any files on this Can also make a video call on it We can also make audio calls to anyone You can also send a video file Can send photos too Can send audio too.

You can also create a group if you want on WhatsApp But people who join you will have WhatsApps numbers.

In this post,

we are providing only a few details but how to play WhatsApps in the next post and how to create an account will tell them all.


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