This WhatsApp bug can eat your whatsapp data usage

This WhatsApp bug can eat whatsapp data usage

Whatsapp leaked! Taking your data, that’s it. Some users are reporting a problem with whatsapp data usage , which is eating their data. Some have complained that the Messaging app used 5GB of data in the case of hours.

This problem is found in the chat backup function. WhatsApp allows you to backup all the WhatsApp Item as regular all 24 hours including conversations, photos, videos and documents. WhatsApp Files have been uploaded to Google Drive or iCloud so that you can remove them from your mobile.

This hinders the latest WhatsApp Bug Upload process and causes it to start again. This means that the end time upload cycle is not triggered, in which user data is constantly consuming. If it is outside the house then it means that mobile data is on the hook and WhatsApp will continue to use it until nothing is left.

Another version of the bug takes you back all the data instead of the last 24 hours. It’s not bad about the constant loop, but if you send and receive on WhatsApp, then you know that it might still be bad.

The best way to protect against this WhatsApp leak is to ensure that WhatsApp only takes backup of your files on Wi-Fi. To do this, go to Setting and tap chat backup. Below, you’ll find the backup over option where you can select Wi-Fi only. Until the news of fixes it is probably the safest to do this.

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