How To step two factor authentication On Facebook

How To step two factor authentication On Facebook, know about it.
The most commonly used social networking site. Every one of us has an account on Facebook.

But when using Facebook, we have to pay attention to the security
is. On Facebook we have our photo, video, personal
Information is shared, thus keeping the information secure.

Facebook for this
Has given two factor authentication
is. By doing two factor authentication enable us
You can secure your Facebook account.

If you worry about your Facebook account at all times, then you should enable the two step factor authentication options.
You can not hack any of your Facebook accounts when starting this.

Facebook What is two factor authentication?

Whenever we log in to our Facebook account, we have to enter the mobile number and password.
These are 1 levels, after putting it right, OTP comes on your mobile. Which contains a code. Unless you enter that code, you will not be able to log into the Facebook account.

After activating the two step factor authentication, send an SMS to register mobile number which contains a code of 6 digit.

How To step two factor authentication On Facebook

Step: 1.

First login to your Facebook account. After that open the setting of Facebook.

Step: 2.

In the Setting and login – click the Security option. In that you can click on edit in front of the use two factor authentication in Setting up extra security.

Step: 3.

Now we have to click on the Add phone number.

Step: 4.

After that, enter Country code your example India + 91: Select Phone number: Enter the mobile number on which you want to receive sms.

Click Continue Now

Step: 5.

Now we have to confirm that by putting that code on your mobile one code will be required.

Step: 6.

Now two step factor authentication has been started in your account, which you can see in the image below.
You will also need that code whenever you login to your mobile.


How To step two factor authentication lost phone

Many times this conflicts with many users, people start two step factors.
But the phone is lost. Now the problem is that, often with the mobile
There is also a number, which we have added to two step factor authentication.

In this we can not login the Facebook account. so what to do. Security
For when we do two step factor authentication, then generate Recovery Codes.

In order to generate codes
Security-two factor authenticationRecovery codes your Facebook
Putting a password can generate codes.

So, we can enable 2 Step Verification for our Facebook account.