How To Set Auto Reply On Whatsapp Messenger

Hello guys, you can set your Auto Reply to Whatsapp Messenger. or if you want to send a message, automatically send you a message from your message. I do not want to go offline I have been able to automatically reply to articles on whats happening on my own. [without root]

Guys will try to set your own reply on the tricks and apps, but you need to have a root password. To use the diskette, you have to make an Android phone but it does not make any difference to your Android Smartphone, but you can use it to reply to the feature of Whatsapp.

How To Set Auto Reply On Whatsapp Messenger

To set auto reply on WhatsApp, please read the steps mentioned below.

Step1: First of all download and install the Auto Reply to Whatsapp app on your Android phone and install it.


                                          Download Auto-Reply for whatsapp

Step2: After installing the app, open it and give auto-reply service.

Step3: Now if you ask to set a single message for all contacts, then enable the auto-reply for all messaging, and set your message down.

Step4: If you want you can also set specific messages for specific contacts.

Step5: Click on the Pic from contact and click on the add message and set your own specific message.

Step6: now enable your_contact for Auto-reply.


Now your job is done. Now when someone will message you on Whatsapp profile. Your set message will automatically be sent to it.

I hope you’ve got this trick. If you have any questions about this problem, please comment on this question. Or you can use this article to share social media directly.