How To Read Recalled Revoked Unsend Deleted WhatsApp App Messages

This message gets notifications Hello Guys! whatsapp app new Recovery, unsend, delete for everyone,

The revoke feature will help you to learn more. I do not know how to read this article. If you are interested in this article, you are interested in this article as soon as possible. Do you agree that you are entitled to revoke / recalled / deleted messages on WhatsApp.

If you did not receive a message from ‘This message was deleted’,

you will not be able to access this message. If there is a message sent to you by the sender, why did you delete this message?

How To Read Recalled/Revoked/Unsend/Deleted whatsapp app Messages

Guy will tell you a very simple method in today so that you can read any innocent Whatsapp message.


  • Android Smartphone.
  • Android Version 4.4+
  • Whatsapp Notifications Enabled.
  • Whatsapp Latest Verison.

Alert: This article are only for Educational Purpose, Do not Misuse!

To read whatsapp’s recall messages, this is the only trick for Android users. Follow the Steps.

Step 1. First of all, download and install the past Notification app from Google PlayStore in your android phone.


                                                                                         Download Past Notifications

Step 2. If you want to open Past Notifications, please open or allow all permissions.

Step3. Now whenever you get on Whatsapp This message was deleted gets notifications.

Step 4. Open the past Notification app, you are now redirecting all messages, Deleted or Non-Deleted.

So, in this way you can easily read any recorded WhatsApp message from the help of this app And in this app you can store all the notifications of your phone, except for Whatsapp profile .

Guys have sent a message to BUG,  but they have been sent messages to you. When you try to fix whatsapp, you can not do this trick. To do this, let’s enjoy

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