How To Pubg Game Live From Your Android Mobile With Youtube

Everyone knows about pubg games. The most is going on in the present time. Its seen its video goes live on YouTube too. When we go to the game. You also get yourself playing pub g games on youtube. Want to live live We wrote these posts for you only. Whereby you android

What you need to do to show live on YouTube.

  1. You must have a YouTube channel.
  2. You must have an Android mobile.
  3. Your Android mobile 3 gb ram and mobile memory 16gb when it is necessary
  4. Your mobile internet speed should be high. Only then will you be able to see live.
  5. The live streaming of your YouTube channel should also be enabled. If not, then do it. It takes 24 hours to be able to get it.

Why do you need mobile RAM and memory so much that tells you about it?

Pub g is game which is She is very big. 1.5gb is a much larger game than ever. That’s why it’s very important to have a mobile high performance.

So let me tell you. You have to do.

If you have not yet installed pubg games in your mobile. Download from here

After installing pubg, you have to install another application. So you can show the game live on youtube.

Step -1 First download this application from Youtube gaming here. From which we will be going live.

Step -2  After downloading from the link is open. You have to sign in as soon as you open it. Which means you have your YouTube channel from an email address.

Step -3 After doing all this. The top three is the dot icon. It has to be clicked.

Step -4 Now you will get some privacy options. They have to allow them. After allow has to go to the next.

Step -5 You have to select  Stream. Then select the lower video format. After that click on Next.

step -6 Now you have to select the pub g application. Go will come live after selection Have to start. And you will go to your pub application. You will start live.

If you do not understand anything in this post then you can ask in the comments.

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