These Limits of Blogspot which Must Know Blogger Wars

I started blogging only from Blogger wars. So it is very special for me and can never forget it. When I created a blog in Blogger wars, I wrote a post and even published it. But before that when the blog was created in another platform then only for images and only upload pictures in it.


What are the Limits of Google Blogger?

1. Limit of Blogger Account ―

  • The owner of the Blogger Account must be at least 13 years of age.
  • You can create as many as 100 blogspot from a blogger wars or Google Account.
  • Maximum 100 Authors can be added to a Blogspot.
  • You can follow up to 300 blogs with an account.
  • Blogger 100 allows custom domain to be used in each account.

2. Limit about Blogger Information ―

  • You can use maximum 90 characters in the blogger wars title.
  • The maximum length of the blog’s description is 500 characters.
  • Blogspot subdomain ( has a maximum length of 37 characters.
  • The maximum length of “About Me” Page is 1200 characters.
  • The maximum length of the ‘Interests & Favorites’ page is 2000 characters.

3. Limit of Blogger Contents ―

  • The number of blog posts in Blogspot is unlimited.
  • The maximum number of blog static pages is 10/1 blog.
  • The maximum number of Labels in Blogspot is 5000.
  • You can use max 200 character in labels.
  • The maximum length of blog post title in bloggers is 39 characters.
  • The number of comments is unlimited.
  • The maximum width of image (width) should be 1600px.
  • You will get max strorage 15GB in Blogspot.
  • Unlimited Pagesviews,
  • Unlimited Bandwidth will be found in the Blogspot blog.
  • You can publish Daily 1000 posts in your blog only.
  • After 50 post updates in one day,
  • you will have to verify captcha to publish the post further.
  • The size of the blog homepage or single post should be of maximum 1 MB. More than this,

Error 006 will come.