The Kind Prince Story

Siddharth was the son of king shuddhodana. he was the crown prince, but he was not proud. he lived in a beautiful palace but he was not happy there. he was happy in the garden. he watched the tall trees, beautiful flowers and butterflies. he listened to the songs of birds. siddhartha was very kind. he was kind to human beings and animals. he was kind to birds and insects. he loved them all. devadatta was siddhartha’s cousin. he was a prince too. but he was very proud and cruel. he shot birds and animals. he liked this sport. one day siddhartha was walking in his garden. suddenly a swan fell on the ground. siddhartha lifted it and took it in his lap. he pulled the arrow out and washed the wound. he gave it some water. the kind prince story

The Kind Prince Story

devadatta came to siddhartha with the bow and arrows. he saw the swan in siddhartha’s lap. devadatta : give that swan to me . i shot it. it is my swan.

Siddhartha : fie, fie, you shot this lovely bird ! you are really cruel. be kind, cousin.

Devadatta : no,

i am not cruel. i am brave. give me my swan.

Siddhartha : i will not give you this bird. i saves it. it is my swan.

Devadatta : i am going to the king. he will decide. siddhartha also went to the king. the king listened to them and gave his judgment

King : devadatta,

you shot the bird.

so it is not your bird.

siddhartha saved the bird.

so it is his bird.

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