How to Increase the Facebook Likes – How to Increase Likes for Facebook Page

How to Increase the Facebook Likes, Facebook likes Today we will talk about how to increase Facebook Likes. We create facebook pages for the promotion of our business, website, brand. But just creating facebook pages does not work out. After creating the page for
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The Facebook page is made so that the business which we have is a website, the brand is accessible to many people. But due to the decrease of our page’s page, our website is not promoted. But if you want to increase the Facebook Likes of your Facebook page, the following tips are given to you, they only have to follow.

Many people get paid likes but these songs do not have any significance for our business
That’s why these are not real Facebook Likes, they are not real people, so pay, auto
Do not fall for the liker. This will not benefit us anything.

How to Increase the Facebook Likes – How to Increase Likes for Facebook Page

1. Set the URL of Facebook Page: If you have not given the URL to your Facebook page yet. So you first of the page
Setting up a URL will make it easy to clean your page. URL shortened and remembered
It’s also easier in Like our Facebook page’s URL:
So in the same way you can also set the URL of your page, for that you have to follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to Facebook Page Settings

  2. Click on page info and click on facebook web address.

  3. Click on change web address.
    Now you can set the URL of your page, but keep in mind that the name you keep
    Someone has not used that before…….

2. Invite all your friends to page like: Facebook
But we can create 5000 friends. If you have 1000-2000 friends, then you have them
You can invite the page to choose from. If half the friend also Facebook Likes
If you give one page your page will get 1,000 likes in one day.

friends How to invite:

  1. Open your page, open it.
  2.  Now the three dot below the name of the page will appear, click on it.
  3. The following options will be invited friends click on it.

Now the invitation button will appear in front of a friend’s name, click on it.
So do all your friends.

3. Share the page in the group: First of all, you have to join some other Facebook group which has at least 5-6 lakh members.
Whatever group we have from our page, which has many members, join those groups.
do. After joining, please share your page daily in that group. Time to share
Put together a nice introduction to your page.
If you share this way in the Daily Page Group, then Daily should have at least 25-50 pages
There may be more likes than this. You have to do this work daily.

4. Add a link to the page in your website, blog, widget: As you can see in our website that we have added the widget to our Facebook page.
Anyone who comes to our website can read the page easily from here.
If you also have a website, blog then you can add a link to your page.

5. Regularly share something new on page: Daily related to the topic of your page is relayed, Regular Share
You have to do that, so that you can increase your liking. With good information on the page, you can also post questions and answers Facebook Likes this so that users are coming to your page.

6. Share the page on your timeline: Whenever you upload any post, photo, on your page, share it on your timeline. Sharing the timeline will allow you to read that post as many of your friends as you Facebook Likes.

7. Post page 7 to 11 pm on the page, share it to the group: When most people in the country are online, the answer is at night time. So we have to take advantage of this thing, we have to add a post in the middle of the 8 to 12 on the page, sharing it in different groups.

8. To make the page attractive, add a profile picture, cover picture to it: Once a person sees our page, we must make our page different and attractive for it so that we can apply it. For this, we have to add a profile picture, cover picture on the page. All the methods mentioned above are free and easy, so that we can increase our page height.

To get a lot more quickly, try this:

If you want to reach your business as soon as possible, then you can promote your page on Facebook, the post. For that we have to create ads on Facebook, but for this we have to pay for Facebook In return Facebook will call us Rea lFacebook Likes.
Sometimes you have also noticed on your Facebook that you will have sponsored many such posts, page shows. So this is Facebook ads, which makes Facebook money. So in such a simple way, you can increase the like of your Facebook page.