How to stop chatting with send whatsapp message deleted?

Friends, we all know this. From the day on which WhatsApp has given the option for send whatsapp message the Delete for Everyone Message. Since then we all have trouble. And we also relax people. The trouble is so. When someone does the message. Then he deletes it. Such we do not even read. And the message gets deleted. When message gets deleted So who knows better than you? What does it feel It was a message delete when you got to see it.

Let’s relax with send whatsapp message Delete for Everyone feature. That leaves us a wrong message. On someone’s whatsapp we can delete them. Because the front can not read that message again.

Why is it necessary? Prevent message from being deleted-

It is therefore necessary to prevent send whatsapp message from being deleted. Because sometimes it happens too. Old messages are needed. Let’s say we needed something, and then we needed some days later when we talked. Or what was the matter. There are many such examples.

How can you stop Let us tell you before letting anyone know on your whatsapp deleted messages. That you will understand exactly when this post is completed. How to do that Because this post we will tell not only the massage deleted but also the tips. Which can help you get more solutions.

Let us tell you How to stop sending messages to anyone.

How to stop chatting with Received WhatsApp message deleted?

All you have to do is download the new Whatsapp. Because that is your original whatsapp. It does not have this feature. That we can prevent anyone from deleting a message.

So let’s get a bit of whatsapp. That’s what we have to download. This is a lot of feature in send whatsapp message. Removing the last seen can also remove the seconds tick. And you can see the status of anyone. And he will not even know.

When you have given up above. Download and install WhatsApp from the link. After this you have to create your account. After that starts. The methods I am describing.

Step-1 Open your Whipspace. Click the three dot pegs in the top.

Now you must be thinking. This is not a whatsapp photo. Friends, this is WhatsApp photo. It also has the ability to make a colorful whatsapp. Color you set yourself It’s just just telling the message.

Step-2 Like you will click on three dot. A window will open. Which will be written on. Yomods have to click on it.

step-3 After clicking on Yomods, you will go straight to Settings. Where will you first be written? Do you a have twitter He has to close it.

Step-4 Right now the privacy only is written above. Have to click privacy only.

Step-5 After turning it on. You have written the option below. Privacy is to click.

Step-6 After this opening. You will get an option. Anti-delete Messages Have to tick.

This is what we have told. Anyone send whatsapp message Sometimes you can not delete the message on your side.

Blue tick so everyone hides. You can also tick the second hide from this whatsapp.

Seconds to hide ticks

Step-1 Click on Contacts.

step-2 You will open a window. Which has a lot of options. Blue tick, second tick, microphone, typing, recording, you just have to check the option. Such ticks will hide. You must definitely post any related comments. If you have any problems then you can ask us by making comments. Subscribe to our blog. Share it with your friends and Rivers too.

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