how to hide friends list on facebook

In this post I will tell you how to hide Facebook friends list and show everyone how But before that you want to tell why it is necessary to hide Friends list.

 The more we see people being friends, they are very funny because they see your Friends list And what happens is that some of your personal people also add to your Facebook account No one else wants to connect with some of our personal logos And those who have their friends often do the same to join your personal logo. Friends Hide is the best option to avoid these.

how to hide friends list on facebook 

What to do now is to hover the Friends list.

Step:- 1. First open browser in your computer or mobile Now it is logging in to your facebook account.

Step:- 2. Now look in the photo where your profile’s icon is Click on it.


Step:- 3. When you click on the icon, your Facebook account profile will open in front of you. You may have seen a friends write it in You have to click on friends.


Step:- 4. click on Friends,

you will see your hide Friends list Then you have the pen icon in one side Now you have to click on that icon Edit privacy will be written on click You have to click You can see in the photo.


Step:- 5. Option will open after clicking Edit Privacy. Who do you want to show your friends PUBLIC,FRIENDS,ONLY ME You have to select on ONLY ME. and click now.

congratulations your friends list hide successfully

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