How to send multiple friend request to gather on Facebook

Hello Guys, you can send me an unlimited friend request,

If you want to add 5000 real friends to your Facebook profile, then this article can be helpful for you. If you are using the Auto Friend Adder service, you have a friend’s request to join other countries, but this trick you can add real friends, or you can add comments to your favorites.

How to send multiple friend request to gather on Facebook

In this post we will send you a request to all friends. Very easy to do this Does this mean that we send a friend request one by one If we send bombs, then we can send a friend request to all of them together. So this post is very helpful to us Come visit me about this post and send me all my friends together with Friends Request.

To send multiple friend request to gather on Facebook, you will need a computer, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Please open Google Chrome browser on your computer, or install the Facebook toolkit extension.


                                                                       Install Toolkit for Facebook

Step 2. To install Google Chrome browser on your toolkit, go to your Facebook account, or

Step 3. Open the Toolkit for Facebook, click Add All Add Buttons by clicking here.

Step4. Click on the Add All Add Friends button. If you want to send a friend to your profile then contact the friend to send a request.

Step 5. You can see in the image below, that the friend request is getting automatic.

To get started, you can send multiple friend request from your Facebook account, your Facebook friends can be added.

Note : The trick can do that time in the On Day, otherwise your Facebook account may be blocked.


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