How to Remove Credit & Link from Blog Footer

There is a lot more template for Blogger. Which is also well designed. Despite everything good in the Free Template, there is a decrease in the fact that the developer lets add their own links in it. When Link in the Template is added, visitor of our blog goes to that blog. If you are also using free template in your blog then the link to your template footer can be added. We are talking about this in this post. Through this post you can easily how to remove the link from your blog template or add your link to its place.

Many people add a template to their blog by adding a template and adding them to your blog. When someone visits his blog, then a footer is linked to it and then he goes to another blog. This also greatly reduces the blog’s SEO. If you also have a new template in your blog, then maybe credit and links are added to the footer of your blog. That is why visit your blog and watch it. If it is, then we are going to tell about this, so that you can easily how to remove it.

How to Remove Credit & Link from Blog Footer

Now I am telling you a few steps below. I hope you can easily follow all of these steps. If you do not understand elsewhere then comment definitely. You have to edit coding to remove it. If there is a wrong code use in it then the problem can be. That is why follow these steps before you take the backup of your blog first.

Step 1. Visit your blog and write something in the footer. Like Designed By, Published By, Etc I have made a copy in my blog so I have copied it.

Step 2. Now login to Blogger and go to the blog Dashboard.

Step 3.

  • Now press CTRL + F and search the cached credit.
  • Now there must be highlights over there.
  • The link below is yellow. You can add and change your link here.

Step 4.  If you do not want to show any link, add id = “” after style = “visibility: hidden“.

Step 5. Save now.

In this way you can how to remove or change the footer credit of your blog. Now visit you in the blog and see whether the change has not been done or removed.