How to Refresh Facebook update ID and how to refresh facebook id without computer and leptop

How to Refresh Facebook ID – Hello friends Today, I’m going to tell you a facebook update Trick that you can use to refresh your Facebook ID. Friends, today I will teach you to Refresh facebook update ID from the trick which you can use to refresh your Facebook ID from Mobile, Yes, Friends, Follow the Mobile, Know what is Refresh facebook update ID and How to Refresh facebook update ID from Mobile do?

What is Refresh facebook update ID?

Refreshing Friends Facebook ID means that to clean your Facebook profile, that means unfriend friends from your Facebook Id, if you have made a few more Facebook Friends and now you want to unfriend them.

So this means that you want to refresh your Facebook Id. Many people find ways to find their way to unfriend all Facebook friends on one click, but they get a way to refresh Facebook id in which they require computers or laptops.

Without that computer, those methods do not work as they have to install extensions in a Chrome browser, which is only in the computer or laptop’s chrome browser.

That’s why many people are not able to unfriend a lot of people from their Facebook with just one click. But friends, now you do not have to take any tension at all, because today I will tell you about the way you can do without PC Facebook id Refresh so let’s know how to refresh the Facebook id without Computer Laptop i.e. all of Facebook Friends How To Unfriend Only One Click.

how to refresh facebook id without computer and leptop

Friends, if you want to refresh your facebook id without any problem in single click then you do not have to do much more than just follow the steps I have to follow so let’s know how to refresh facebook id


How to Refresh Facebook Profile Step by step

To unfriends all Facebook friends together or refresh your Facebook profile, please follow the steps described below.

Step. 1- First, open the chrome browser in your phone and login it with your facebook id which you have to refresh.

Step. 2- Now open a new tab in Machine Likes .

Step. 3- Now come downstairs and click on All Friends Remover / Unfriender.

Step. 4- Now click on Click here.

Step. 5- Now a new page will open where you will be asked for your Facebook profile password, enter Password and Email / Number and click Submit.

Step. 6- Now a green box will come in front of you, there will be a code in it, please copy the code.

Step. 7- After copying the complete code given in the green box, scroll down to the bottom. When you scroll down, there you will see a white box, copy paste the entire code into it.

Step. 8- After paste the code, please click on submit.

Step. 9- Once you submit it, you will get another code, copy that code.

Step. 10- Now back twice, back twice, a box will open in front of you as it is in the screen shot in the box. Copy the code in the box and click on the load token.

Step. 11- Now a new page will open in front of you which will contain a box and the number of your current facebook friends will be written there and click Remove all in front of it and click on Remove All.

Step. 12- Done! … Now your Facebook Id has started to be refreshed. In a while all Facebook Friends will be removed.

How To Refresh FACEBOOK ID Using PC

Friends, if you used the above method to refresh facebook profile but if your fb id is not refreshed then you can use this method for this,

we are going to use an FB ID Refresh Tool.

Which is the extension of a chrome browser named Toolkit For FB, you will find that you need to have a PC in order to use the chrome extension, so let’s now know how to refresh the Facebook ID from Chrome Extension.

Step. 1- First install Toolkit For FB Chrome Extension in your browser. Click on the button below to go to direct install page.

Click Here For Install

Step. 2- When you install this extension, click on it in the tab bar you will see its icon. Then click on the Start Tool button in the Unfriend multiple facebook friends box.


Step. 3- Now click on Select All Friends option and click on Start Removing Friends.

Step. 4- done !! Now your fb id will start refreshing.

So friends have seen how we can refresh facebook update id without band with pc single click.