How to redirect traffic to a blogger blog in another blog domain name

If you have a good traffic in one site and you want to redirect traffic domain name of that site to another site, then this post is for you. This allows you to quickly increase the traffic to your site. When someone visits your site, it will automatically redirect to another site domain name. For this, we are going to tell you the simple process. So you just have to add a simple code to the tag of your blog. So if we just do not enjoy being happy about it right now. For this you will have to read this post to know right.

How to redirect traffic to a blogger blog in another blog domain name

Almost the blogger builds his blog on the blogger and easily makes it his free blog. When blog gets good traffic, many people want to give that blog a professional look and a professional web designer is needed to give a professional look to the blogger blog. It is better to sift the blogger blog on WordPress. When any blog sift through blogger to wordpress, the traffic is very less. If you have also sifted your blog on wordpress and your blog traffic is very low then you no longer need to take tension. As we are going to tell you, you can redirect traffic to your old blog on the new blog.

Good traffic is required for blogging. It is easy to create a blog and insert content into it,

but it is very difficult to increase traffic to the blog. We follow many ways to promote the blog. If you have to work hard to bring good traffic to the blog,

then you will have an idea of ​​it. Many people say that when we sift our blogger blog on wordpress, then its traffic is no more. As much as the traffic blogger came to the blog,

we would have to redirection to bring that traffic.

Now we are telling you the simple process,

so that you can easily redirect the traffic of your blogger blog to another blog.

Step 1: Log in to Blogger and go to Dashboard -> Theme -> Edit HTML.

Step 2: Now press CTRL + F to search <head> and add the code below at the bottom of <head>.

<meta content='1;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>

Note: In the code given above 1 is written, it will be redirected to second. You can write 1 as you want to redirect to another site in place of 1. Instead of https: //, type in that website URL, in which site you have to redirect traffic.

Step 3: Save Template Now.

This way you can redirect the traffic of your blogger blog domain name to another blog. This is a very simple way and it’s the best way to get a blog’s traffic to another blog. This allows you to quickly increase the traffic of your blog.