How To Make syntax code highlighter In The Blogger Blog

Just like in WordPress, in the syntax code highlighter plugin we highlight the code in post, so if your blog is in Blogger then you have to add Syntax Highlighter’s script to your blog. We are telling you about this in the bottom. Let’s step by step know how to add syntax code highlighter to Blogger blog.

How To Make Syntax Code Highlighter In The Blogger Blog

Step 1: First you go to Syntax Script Generator Tool.

  • Select the theme here, which will show in the code highlight. I think, choose default only.
  • Tick the language of which language you want to show in the post. As in most of my blogs, using PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, I’ve ticked the Action script to show HTML. Similarly, tick the code which you want to show in your post.
  • Now click on the Generate Code button.
  • Now your code has been generated. Copy and copy the code of this box to Notepad.

Step 2: Now log in to Blogger and go to Dashboard -> Themes -> Edit HTML and press CTRL + F to find </ head>. After that the code you generated was created from the tool described above, before adding it to </ head> and save the template.

Now the Syntax Highlighter has been added to your blog. Now it is very important to know how to Show or Highlight Code in Post. So let us also know about this.

Follow the procedure described above. Your own will have added the Syntax Highlighter to your blog. Now we are telling you what to do in order to highlight the code in the post. Before this we give you the following address
What is the tag to use in Code Code

CSS – <pre class = “brush: css;”> Encode the code to be shown here </ pre>

HTML – <pre class = “brush: html;”> Encode the code to be shown here </ pre>

JavaScript – <pre class = “brush: javascript;”> Encode the code to be shown here </ pre>
The code you are using will have to be used to tag it. So let us now know step by step how to add code in post.