How To Make hard reset iphone And Soft Reset | how to reset iphone

Why do I need to reset the iPhone mobile, when and how.
If you have an Apple iPhones Mobile, then there will also be any Problems of Hard-Soft. a Mobile Repairing Technician or you want to become, you need to know this for Iphone mobile repair.

If you have to be an all-rounder in Mobile Repairing then you have to pay attention to all types of mobile brands. The iPhones is very expensive mobile, they have to do well. If we have Nokia 1100, Nokia 1600 etc. then we do not care about it because all the money we put on it has run it and it has been taxed by tax.

The need to reset the Apple iPhones, or when the iPhones Mobiles starts having small and big problems such as the iPhones mobile have any bugs,

iPhones Mobile does not work due to problems in Buttons and Switch on the Touch Screen or if you are selling your iPhones Mobile Phone to anyone, then you have to reset the iPhones mobile phone to erase data from mobile before selling. . There are two types of Reset Options to Reset in any iPhones Mobile Phone Soft Reset and Hard Reset.

The process of resetting any iPhones generation, such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 6 and iPhones 3G Mobiles or other Apple Smartphones, is applicable to almost all mobile phones models. .

How To Make iPhone Hard Reset And Soft Reset


Soft Reset Process in iPhones Mobile –

After pressing or holding the Home button in the Bottom Center on the iPhones mobile phone, press the Sleep / Wake button at the top location of iPhones Mobile.

The iPhones Mobile does not restart again after the Home button and Sleep / Wake both buttons are pressed.

This process takes about 10 to 30 seconds to be used. Once the iPhones Mobile Shut Down starts,

you can leave the press from both buttons.
After 10 to 30 Seconds you will be able to see Apple Logo on the iPhones Mobile Screen.
Now your iPhones mobile phone takes some time to do everything Soft Reset. You wait for some time

After completing Full Soft Reset, your mobile becomes Switch On. Now you’ve got Soft Reset in iPhones mobile.

Hard and Factory Reset Process in iPhone Mobile –

Go to Setting in your iPhones mobile.
Now select General.
Scroll down to select Reset now.
Here you will find some options like –
Reset All Settings,
Erase All Content and Settings, and
Reset Network Settings
For Hard and Factory Reset, select Erase All Content and Settings.
Now the iPhones will ask you about a password or pass code.
Confirm by typing password.
Now the process of Hard and Factory Reset in iPhones mobile starts and goes for a few minutes until you sit waiting. Once the iPhones gets

hard reset in the mobile.

then the iPhones comes into the mobile factory mode. If your iPhones mobile has an iOS update.

then after the hard and factory reset, iPhone Mobile Goes to Last iOS Version.


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