How To Fix Https Mixed Content Error In Blogger

Blogger platform is a huge platform and this is a lot of platform mixed content. People like it because of the free service in it. If your blog is also on Blogger and you do not use custom domain, then this post is for you. You may know that Blogger offers free SSL in https. If you can add it to your blog in free, then I had already told you about adding it. I am telling you about fixing the Mixed content https in this article.

Many times you have seen the time to open a site that is written in the green color in the browser url bar, then it is written as https: // then there is a site url then it is called a https or SSL certificate. This greatly increases the security of the website. If there is a hacker attack in your blog, then SSL will also help in stopping it.

Websites with https in Google have different values. These websites get more rank in google. That’s why you will now see it in every popular website. One important thing is to tell all of you that whenever you do online transaction, keep in mind that the website url has https or not. If there is no https, then that website has no limit and it can be fake. That’s why send online money only to the website that contains https.

If your website is in WordPress then you have to buy SSL and install it. Now the price of SSL is around 5000.

What is Mixed Content Errors?


Whenever https is enabled in any site, it is opened with https: //. You must know that https is shown in green color and the site becomes completely secured.
If we open the site with https, we get a fixed content issue when we open it with http: //. When https is enabled in the site, it is only open from https.
This issue is a very common issue that happens to everyone but if it is not fixed soon, then the traffic of the site can be very low. I have also seen this being enabled in many blogspot blogs and I also got mixed content issue in it, so I fixed it. So that’s why if you have a problem in your site then there is no problem. You can solve it

How to check Mixed content errors

If you have enabled https on your blog then you should check mixed content errors. You will easily find this. I am telling the steps below to follow them.

  1. Open Chrome Browser in your computer and open it by entering your site link in the URL bar.
  2. Now click on the menu.
  3. Go to More tools -> Developer
  4. Now, select Console and press CTRL + Sift + J.
  5. Now here you will see some errors in front of you.

Like the screenshot above, you will also show in the browser. These are all errors that need fix, otherwise there will be an error like server down, server error, internal errors, and the traffic will be very low.

Fix Https Mixed Content

 Below are very simple steps that you can easily follow.

Step 1:

When we write post we add internal links to it. If you also add an internal link to your post, then you have to edit all the blog posts and add https to http. Telling it below.

  1. Go to Blogger dashboard -> Posts -> Edit.
  2. Now click on the HTML Tab.
  3. Now press CTRL + F in your keyboard to http search and add https to its location instead of http.
  4. Similarly, all the posts in Blog have to be done.]

Step 2:

Now we have to fix this issue in widgets. If you have added widgets to your blog, then you have to follow this step.


  1. Go to the Blogger dashboard -> Layout ->
  2. Here, edit the sidebar, header, footer and any widgets, save everyone by adding https to http.

Now you have to do this in all the widgets and after that all of your blog’s widgets will work perfectly.

Step 3:

Now, edit the template of Blog and add https to it instead of http, then follow the steps given below for this.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Template -> Edit HTML.
  2. Now search this http and add https to the place of http.
  3.  save the template.


There will be no problem with SSL Certification and your site will start working perfectly. This will not take much time to load your blog’s webpage.

I hope this post would have liked you. Must share this post with your friends and in social media.