How to edit the Menu bar of Blogger Blog

Adding Menu to Menu bar is very important for designing Blogger Blog. When Menu bar is there, you can show Labels as Category and you can add Link to any Page. Today we are going to tell you about editing the menu of blogs here. If you also want to add a link to your blog by editing the menu then read this article well.

I have said in many posts that blogging should be the subject of coding to manage. If you do not have coding, you can learn about coding by watching video on YouTube or reading PDF ebook. It is responsive to its blog, which makes it responsive to its blog. Making her blog better than WordPress.

Control how much blog we can on wordpress. We can control almost the same on the blogger but for this, we must have full knowledge of coding. To customize Blogger, you need to be aware of HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, then you will be able to fully control your blog.

Menu bar is currently added in most templates. We have to customize it only then we can add a link of your choice to it. If the blog contains a menu, then it is very easy for the readers and the blog’s design is also very good. There are many blogs in the menu add now. You will also be seen in many blogs. So let’s talk about it in detail.

What is the Menu bar and why add it!

Mostly, New Blogger does not know about this. That’s why I tell them all that in the menu bar, we can link to any important page or categories. This is show in the bottom of the Header area of ​​the blog. This is responsive design. So that it shows very well in Mobile too. When the blog is a menu, the design of the blog gets even better.
Many of our blogs are new to visitors so that they are having equal problems and they try to contact us. The new visitor does not even know where our blog’s contact us page is located, so if we add link to Contact us, About us and popular categories in the menu, then it makes our blog visitors easy. .

How to edit the Menu bar of Blogger Blog

Now we are telling you some simple steps. You can easily follow that and you can add your favorite link to the blog. I hope you understand all these steps and will also follow it. If you do not understand anything then tell through the comments.

Note: Menubar is more added to new templates. That’s why if your template is old, then there will be no menu bar. If the menu bar is not there, add it or add a new template to the blog.

Step 1. First visit your blog.

  • Having some type of heading area at the top here. You are watching in the screenshot and here I have copied ENTERTAINMENT. You can also copy a word there

Step 2. Now log in to Blogger and then go to Blog’s dashboard.

  • Now click on the theme.
  • Click Edit HTML.

Step 3. Now press CTRL + F button in your keyboard and search for what you copied from your menu. I copied ENTERTAINMENT, I’m searching for it.

Step 4. You are now seeing that here ENTERTAINMENT is written and written before your-link-here, so here is link to your link instead of your link-here. You can also have “#” in your template. Just add all the necessary links.

  • Similarly, here you can add other links. Add all the necessary links and save the template.
  • This way you can add your custom link to the template’s menu bar. If you add important links and categories to your menu bars, this will make your blog visitor easier.