how to delete instagram permanently And De-activate Instagram

Instagram is a popular social networking website in today’s time. Which is made by Facebook. But many people want to go to Instagram account Permanently delete how I want to delete my Instagram account.

Because everyone has their Problem And our job is to solve your Problem, so in today’s post we will tell you to delete Instagram account permanently.

First of all,

let us tell you that two options are given to delete and deactivate Instagram account. Some people do not want to permanently delete their Instagram account. Those people can deactivate their Instagram account.

By deactivating Instagram account,

your account is hidden from Instagram And the video and photo uploaded to your Instagram account also gets hidden. Anyone who does not know your Instagram account.

It’s like instantly delete the Instagram account in one way but if you permanently delete instagram account, you can not open it once again but after deactivating the Instagram account you can reactivate it after a few hours is.

But when you permanently delete an Instagram account,

it gets deleted forever,

which is not a way to open it again.

Therefore, before permanently deleting your Instagram account,

the photo and video which is inserted on your account, if you want it, please download it first as once your delete instagram permanently you will never get that photo and video.

Friends, in this post of today, we are going to tell you about both methods. If you want to deactivate Instagram account for a few days or want to permanently delete Instagram account, then after reading this complete of our post, Can do it So read our post once and follow the steps we have given.

how to delete instagram permanently

First of all we have to tell you in some way you can permanently delete your instagram account because many people want to permanently delete their account, follow the steps given below.

Step-1 To delete your account, click on Instagram accounts permanently delete or after login into your instagram account, type in the URL or copy it and paste it.

Note: – Use chrome browsers or your PC to permanently delete Instagram account in mobile.

Step-2 As soon as you do as mentioned above,

a new page is opened to you. As you can see.

Step-3 Now you will be asked “Why are you deleting your account” and by clicking on it below you have to choose any of your Reason.

Step-4 Once you have selected your Reason, enter your Instagram password.

Step-5 Now you have to click Permanently delete my account and your Instagram account gets permanently deleted.

This way you can easily delete your Instagram account permanently. If you encounter a Problem, then we will comment. Now we are going to tell you about the second option which you can deactivate your Instagram account and which can be re-activated later, follow the step we are told.


How To Deactivate Instagram Account

Step-1 You can use either chrome browser or Instagram app for your first login to your Instagram account.

Step-2 When you login into account, go to your home profile and click on the home profile icon.

step-3 Now you will see the option of the Edit Profile, click on it.

Step-4 After clicking on Edit Profile,

a new screen comes in which you click on the sumbit button at the bottom and temporarily disable my account link.

Step-5 As soon as you click on this link,

a new page is opened in which “why are you disabled your account “You have to choose Reason. And then enter your password.

Step-6 Now click on “Temporarily Disable Account“. After this there are two options: Yes and No, then you have to click on Yes.

Step-7 As soon as you click on the Yes Button,

your Instagram account is disabled if you login to it now,

then it speaks to try after a few hours.



now you have understood well how Instagram account is Permanently delete and how do you do it.

if you want to deactivate it for a few days. If you still encounter a Problem, then let us know in the comment.


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