how to create gmail account without mobile number

In my dear friend today, I will tell you to create Gmail account without a mobile number in this post. First of all you will need Android Mobile After that your mobile must have an internet pack. you can easily create Gmail account without a mobile number.

how to create gmail account without mobile number

So let us tell you how to create a Gmail account without a mobile number.

Step: 1. First go to your Android mobile settings. Above the settings, it will have add accounts click on it.

Step: 2. Click here on Google Now Seen the image.

Step: 3. Now click on New. seining the picture.

step: 4. When new on click you will have options.

  1.  enter your first name
  2.  last name enter your
  3. next click now on it.

Step: 5. Now this page you have to choose Gmail’s email address.

Enter a username and if none is available then select any one below. Then click on the next icon.

Step: 6.

  1.  here and one thing to keep in mind Enter Strong Password is that the password should be at least 8 digits.
  2.  same password enter .
  3. now click on next .

Step: 7. Now in this page you will be asked to set up Google Password Recovery. If you have to create a mobile number without. So click on Not now.

Step: 8. This page will have Google services. If you want to use all these services then check them out.

Step: 9. Now the page of the Finish Account will be opened. Now you have to click on the I Accept button.

congratulations friends your gamail account successfully create  Gmail Visit now

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thank you so much.

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