How to Create Free Forum in Blogger by Nabble

free Forum is the best way to become an expert in blogging. With this you will be able to help other people and you can get some new information with the help of other people. If you are new to any work then it is necessary that you will continue to have issues. If you have any issues then you can give information about him in any forum and there will be thousands of people helping you there. So what do you have in this post for you forum? And also about how to create Free Forum in Blogger. So you can also create your own custom forum.

How to Create Free Forum in Blogger by Nabble

Now millions of people get new public from internet and this is a place where there are entire worlds and you can connect with the whole world. After its invention it has made people very easy. At first there was very little communication to communicate with the people and there was a lot of difficulty but now people communicate through the internet so that you communicate with your friends and relatives through live video call, Live Chat, Mail.

There are millions of forums on the internet. Where millions of people are active to help people If you have an issue then you can post in any forum. Which will give you answers to many people and your problem will be solved smoothly. Regardless of what platform you are now, there is a lot of traffic because everyone wants to be active on the forum because it will give you new ones. If you like to receive fresh newcomers, then you can create your own forum.

Here I am also going to tell you to create a forum so that you can also create a separate forum and embed it into your Blogger Blog. The best part is that you can create your own forum by following this post. This platform has millions of forums and its name is Nabble. Here, when you create a forum, you will be given a subdomain and when you want to buy a domain you can set up your custom domain. It also has the future that you can create a forum in which you can embed it into your Blogger Blog.

What is Forum >

Forum is also known as community. In this, the people discuss or talk about something. With this many people are connected. Where you can discuss a topic and you can also find a good solution. As if you have to take a discussion, you have to know that “WordPress Vs Blogger – Which is better?” Then if you post this question in a forum, then thousands of people will tell you about their futures. And you will easily find out which of the two is better. Forum makes for this work.

Why create the forum and stay active>

After reading up then I hope that you have come to understand. It has many advantages. I am pointing out the point by point in which you can easily understand.

  1. This will increase your information day by day.
  2. You will have to learn something new every day.
  3. Good traffic comes in any forum and if you pay attention in promotion then it will become very popular.
  4. If you have any problem, then it will be easy to solve it.
  5. You can make money by showing ads in the forum
  6. Google gives a high rank to any forum site and fastens it index too.
  7. If you help other people, you will increase popularity.

How to embed Blogger into Nabble and create a forum.

Now you are just following some simple steps, so you can easily create a forum on Nabble and embed it on Blogger. So, let’s follow steps with us too.

Step 1. First go to Nabble’s official site. Click on Create Free Forum now.

Step 2.

  1. Type username here without space.
  2. Now enter email here.
  3. Now enter the strong password here.
  4. Please select the language of the forum here.
  5. Type the name of the forum here.
  6. Now write something about forum here now.
  7. Enter the image that is written on it here.
  8. Now click on the create forum button.


Step 3. Now your forum has been created. Now go to the Dashboard and post something. And complete the next steps. At least one post is necessary.

  1. Now click on Options in the side.
  2. Now click on the embed post.

Step 4. There will be some codes here now. Copy them


Step 5. Now log in to Blogger and then go to the blog dashboard -> Pages -> New Page.

  1. You can write a forum in the title or write something.
  2. Now click on the HTML tab.
  3. paste the code here.
  4. Now publish it.

visit the page in which you entered the code in the page. Your forum will live here. If you want, you can also add your custom domain by visiting Nabble. If you add a custom domain, it will be even better. But if you want you can use it too.