how to change password fb on facebook

My dear friend this post is how to change password fb  in very simple step but important is change password fb in the my password any know people my password and missing use and any hacking problem.

how to change password fb on facebook

How to change name read now

Step:- 1. Open your computer any browser and open the FACEBOOK site and login your facebook account and click now looked the image option.


Step:- 2. now open the options and click settings Option.

looked the image.


Step:- 3. looked image open this options select SECURITY AND LOGIN > CHANGE PASSWORD EDIT click now.

Step:- 4. first colum enter your current password >

second colum enter your new password >

third colum enter your new same password and click now SAVE CHANGES.

NOTE:- password minimum 6 digital enter now accepted.

Step:-5 select now STAY LOGGED IN and select CONTINUE.

Congratulations Your Password is successfully change. thanks for reading my post dear friend.

how To Change Facebook Password In Mobile app


dear friend open your facebook app and login your facebook account.

Step:- 1. looked the and click now red color option.

scroll up this image page.

Step:- 2. scroll up after looked image and select the option ACCOUNT SETTINGS click .

Step:- 3. Account settings now click SECURITY AND LOGIN option click.

Step:- 4. now looked the image and select CHANGE PASSWORD fb click her.

Step:- 5. image looked now and enter colum information.

First colum enter your CURRENT PASSWORD and second colum enter your NEW PASSWORD and third colum enter your SAME NEW PASSWORD and click now SAVE CHANGES option.

Step:- 6. this image looked and select STAY LOGGED IN option and CONTINUE button click now.

Dear friends your facebook account password changed successfully and thanks for you my post reading and friends comment now this post and like share and subscribe my blog. thank you