How to avoid cyber crime on Facebook? Know it

Now a days all people use the internet and use social media cyber crime Facebook . How ever, there are so many social networking sites in the internet .. which helps us connect with each other ..

But as you all know most of One of the coolest and most popular websites is Facebook,

which is used by people.

Today every person is connected to Facebook … and it is able to use it to meet people,

talk and share their Memoris .. But by taking advantage of all these hackers are hacking the people  of the people and its wrong Using.

Today we are going to give you a very good tips in this topic,

through which you can save yourself from cyber crime. And keep your Facebook ID safe for ever, let’s know those things.

From the Facebook surviving cyber crime like this: –

Tips 1. You can avoid putting a picture of yourself in your Facebook account because many people can misuse your profile photo and you can mis-use it by removing your photo. If you want to put your photos in it So you can choose the security of your photo, which no one can download.

Tips 2. Whenever you share something in your Facebook account or publish a post or express your views, then you remove the public’s choice in the privacy policy and let’s choose the option of my friend, Can not steal anything and misuse it.

Tips 3. If you are a girl and nobody is chatting with you, then you should block it immediately or report it on its ID. And always keep this in mind that do not associate any unknown person with your account. The person you have blocked can be bothered by sending you a request from the second ID.

Tips 4. Always keep a strong password in your ID, so that no hackers can crack your ID password. If possible, you can set up two-step verification on your smartphone so that no one can open your ID except you.