How to Add Blog in youtube subscribers Button

Now we are telling you the following step by step youtube subscribers button. If you are a wordpress user, you can also generate the YouTube button by following this process and then adding code to your blog’s text widget. Before that we want to tell you a very important fact about adding a youtube subscribers button, that Channel ID is required to generate a youtube subscribers button so that’s why we first know how to find the Channel ID Do it.

How to Add Blog in youtube subscribers Button

How to find Channel ID?

Step 1: First you login to YouTube Advanced Sittings. Now here you will have your Channel ID written, copy it.

How to Generate youtube subscribers Button

Step 1: Visit the youtube subscribers Button Generator’s website.

  • Now enter your Channel ID here.
  • Let’s be full in the layout.
  • In the Theme, choose Dark or any other.
  • Now you can see preview here.
  • the code in the lower box will be copied to it.

How to Add youtube subscribers Button to Blog

Step 1: First you log in to Blogger and go to Dashboard -> Layout -> Add A Widget.

Step 2: Now click on the widget of HTML / JavaScript.

Step 3: 

  1. subscribe to My Channel or something in Title.
  2. Paste the generated youtube subscriber Button code here.
  3. Now click on the Save button now.

 If your blog is on WordPress, then by logging in to Blog, you can go to Appearance -> Widgets and add the YouTube Subscribe button code in the Text Widget. This will allow your blog visitor to know about your Youtube Channel and also subscribe to your channel.