How to add bmi calculator to a blog

Today we are going to tell about a very important tool. We will tell you about the add bmi calculator tool in this post and how to add this tool to your blog or website. You will also tell about it. You can easily add the add a calculator to a blog. This will be more of your blog’s activity and you can gain extra traffic, through this tool.

How to add a bmi calculator to a blog

Here we will tell you the complete process of adding it to the blog By which you can easily add the add a calculator to a blog. Technology is doing a lot of progress in the present time. A lot of work was impossible in the world, but now many technologies have become possible by using technology.

This was the first time people used to calculate by writing in paper but just now can easily add, subtract, multiply, divide them all through the calculator tool. Everyone knows about it. That is why there is no need to talk more about it. Really, calculator is a very useful tool.

All calculations that are in almost all major companies are done by all calculators. Right now, the calculator’s tool is also added in the mobile phone and the computer.

Now the time has come that you can add the add calculator tool to your blog too.

You can make a calculator with the help of javascript and if you want to give it a better design then you can also use html,


We have created a script,

which you can add to your blog and add bmi calculator to it.

Many online users are required to calculate, then they search on Google and there are thousands of websites index.

Anyone can easily calculate by visiting.

If you also add the calculator to your blog,

then when it comes to search in a search engine about the calculator,

your site will also show there and someone will also calculate by visiting your site.

This allows you to gain extra traffic in your blog.

We are displaying the Demo of Calculator Tool in the Bottom.



How to Add a Calculator Tool to Your Blog?

We are going to tell you a script below, which you have to add to your blog only then there will be a calculator widget.

You can also show the calculator by pasting this script in the text widget of your blog,

but the better it will be to create a page in your blog and add the calculator to it.

This will only be the calculator in that page.

We are going to tell you some steps,

by following which you can add the calculator tool to your blog.

Note: The process we are describing below is for Blogspot user.

If your blog is on wordpress or other platform,

then copy the script mentioned in step 1 below and go to your blog Dashboard and create a new page and paste the script in the HTML tab and save the title.

Step 1: Firstly, you copy the given script below.

<h3 style=”background:#FF3E40;color:#fff;radius-border:30px;”>Calculator Tool</h3>
<form Name=”calc”>
<table id=”calc” border=2>
<td colspan=5><input id=”btn” name=”display” onkeypress=”return event.charCode >= 48 && event.charCode <= 57″ type=”text”></td>
<td style=”display:none”><input name=”M” type=”number”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”MC” OnClick=”calc.M.value=””></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”0″ OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’0′”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”1″ OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’1′”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”2″ OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’2′”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”+” OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’+'”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”MS” OnClick=”calc.M.value=calc.display.value”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”3″ OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’3′”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”4″ OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’4′”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”5″ OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’5′”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”-” OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’-‘”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”MR” OnClick=”calc.display.value=calc.M.value”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”6″ OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’6′”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”7″ OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’7′”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”8″ OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’8′”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”x” OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’*'”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”M+” OnClick=”calc.M.value=(Number(calc.M.value))+(Number(calc.display.value))”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”9″ OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’9′”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”±”


<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”=” OnClick=”calc.display.value=eval(calc.display.value)”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”/” OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’/'”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”1/x” OnClick=”calc.display.value=1/calc.display.value”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”.” OnClick=”calc.display.value+=’.'”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”x2″ OnClick=”calc.display.value=Math.pow(calc.display.value,2)”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”√” OnClick=”calc.display.value=Math.sqrt(calc.display.value)”></td>
<td><input id=”btn” type=button value=”C” OnClick=”calc.display.value=””></td>

Step 2: Now go to your blog’s Dashboard and click on the option to create a New Page or New Post.

  • Here you can type the bmi calculator Tool in Title or anything else.
  • Now click on the HTML tab.
  • Paste the script copied here.
  • Now click on the Publish button.

Now you can visit your page or post and see that the bmi calculator will be showing there.

In this way you can add bmi calculator to a blog.

If your blog is on WordPress, as I said above,

you have to visit in your blog Dashboard and click on the option to create a new page and click on the Text tab in the Editor and paste it into the publish page.

have to give.

You can definitely check whether the add calculator tool is working properly on your blog by visiting it.