How do WhatsApp App Version Update | How do WhatsApp Status Update

There are new updates coming from time to time in WhatsApp App, the most popular message in the world, which are very special for those who run WhatsApp,

but how many people do Whatsapp App Update and how WhatsApp Status Update There is no information in it so today we are going to give you complete information about this in this post, then read this post carefully.

Well, today WhatsApp App is very popular all over the world and to maintain this popularity of whatsApp, there are a few new updates every day, which gives WhatsApp users a lot of new features.

But if you do not update WhatsApp, you do not get all these new features, it is very important to update WhatsApp so that you can get rid of every new feature of WhatsApp and when WhatsApp update comes up without updating it You do not even have to do WhatsApp updates.

How do WhatsApp Update

There are two ways to update WhatsApp: You can download the latest WhatsApp from the offsite website of whatsapp and secondly you can update the old ones using the play store. Let’s know if you are going to tell Step by Step about both methods. .

How to update WhatsApp from official website-

Step-1 First go to WhatsApp’s Offical website or click on the button below.

Step-2 Now you have to download WhatsApp from here, click on Download Now button for this.


Step-3 After downloading WhatsApp, which is downloaded to the folder go and install or install it from your browser’s download history.

Step-4 As soon as you install these WhatsApp, your old one becomes WhatsApp Update and you can enjoy all the new features of new WhatsApp.

You can update WhatsApp in your smartphone by following the steps mentioned above. This method is especially for those who can not use the Google play store for any reason, so you can update whatsapp from Offical website. And the people who want to update WhatsApp from the Play Store, use the method described below.

How To Update WhatsApp App From Google Play Store

Step-1 First go to google play store and search for Whatsapp or click on the button below.

Step-2 Now you have two options, you have to click the Update button and your WhatsApp update is started.

Step-3 After the WhatsApp App Downlaoding is complete, your Whatsapp app update is now done. Now you can enjoy the new feature.

So friends, you can update your whatsapp using any method, if you want to update easily, then you can use the play store, it gets in a few minutes.


How do WhatsApp Status Update-

Now let’s know how WhatsApp status updates, because after so many WhatsApp Updates, you get the feature to insert the Story Status on WhatsApp where you can put a Story Status on a Whatsapp using a video or a lot of photos. In which you can use 30 seconds of video.

On WhatsApp you can put WhatsApp Status in two ways.

1. Story WhatsApp Status
2. Text WhatsApp Status

How do WhatsApp Story Status Update-

Step-1 First, open your WhatApp and click the STATUS button.

Step-2 Now click on the MY Status button.



Step-3 Now a screen opens where you select the video or photo from the gallery that you want to create status.

Step-4 Here you can upload a 30 second video or several photos to upload 30 second video status.

In this way, you can add WhatsApp Status, which is for 24 hours, then you can add another status. This was the way to put a Story or Video Status now, how to put Text Status.


How To Update WhatsApp Text Status

Step-1 First go to whatsapp settings and click on your name.

Step-2 Now you see the “About and Phone Number” option, click on it

Step-3 Now you can write your mind by editing your new Text Status.

Today, friends tell us how to do WhatsApp Update and how do WhatsApp Status Update.

Now you can understand that if you have any problems.

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