What Is Google Adsense | What happens on Google Adsense

As we all have heard of Google Adsense. But there are some people like this. Who has heard the Adsense. But do not know about it. So we are going to tell this post this. What is Google AdSense? What is done on Google Adsense?

Let’s know About Google Adsense.

What is Google AdSense?

Now we tell you. About Googles Adsense what is this. Googles AdSense is a platform. Which Google has created. It has been lunch. In 2003. This is an add publisher website. The ad that appears. This website also gives you an opportunity to earn money. If you want to earn very good money. So there is no better platform in the world. Because it’s made by Googles. These are all known. There is no bigger website than Google website, no. Which can be trusted more than Googles. Advertisements of these websites are displayed through Google AdWords. Google Adwords is also part of an advance. Think so Because Google Adwords is giving advertiser advertisements. Then Google Adwords ads are displayed through Googles Adsense.

By creating your account in this website, you too. You can earn very good money. But you can only earn money. When you have a website you own or have a YouTube channel yourself. With this you can earn money in these two ways. In the next post, you will be told how to create a website and how to create a YouTube channel. Right now just have to tell about Googles Adsense.


Google Adsense’s accounts are also of two ways.

1. Hosted google Adsense Account.

2. Non Hosted Google Adsense Account.

  1. Hosted Adsense Account – This account makes it unique for its product. Which is Google’s product. Connects with them only. Like – Blogger YouTube connects to all of these platforms. This account becomes your ease. You are following Google’s Policy Rule. You get good money in this account too. Show ads.
  2. Non Hosted Adsense Account – You can monetize all Googles products in this application. But in this one feature increases. That’s the feature. In this account you have been created on any of your platforms. Website can monetize And you can add ads from Google Adsense. By pasting the code.


What happens on Google Adsense

Google Adsense makes money on the website. This website can earn money by monetizing your website or YouTube channel. Make this website your account. And create a blog or YouTube channel. Then connect to Google Adsense. Make money by clicking on the add. You can connect all types of websites to Googles Adsense. Like- There are many such platforms. The website on which the website is formed. All these websites work on advertising. Googles Adsense.

If you also want to know more about some information related to So make comments. And if you have any other good information too. So tell us We will share your information on your website. So much so in this post.

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