How to get your friends’ hidden email address from Facebook?

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How to get your friends’ hidden email address from Facebook?

warning> Friend this post is just for finding you email Do not misuse Please

To get an email address for your email address, you will need to register a Yahoo account, or if you do  have an email address to or follow the steps to move you to the next level.

Step 1. First log in to your Yahoo account, and click on the option mailed in the right side.

Step2. Click on the ‘contects‘ tab.

Step 3. Import contacts to contacts Import contacts from Facebook by visiting Import Contacts.

Step4. Now after the process of some time, all your Facebook friends will be importing yahoo contacts.

Step 5. Now you can see the hidden email of any of your friends.

The person whose friend has also attached an email address to your Facebook account,

you can find the hidden email address of all of them here.

So, in this way you can find out the hidden email of any of your Facebook friends,

Hope you have liked this trick.