How To Forgot Password Facebook

My friends today will tell you in this post how to change or change the password of your forgotten facebook accountAs you know, we make a Facebook account, sometimes it happens. if you do not open the account for a long time. then you can not remember what the forgot password was,

so for this we have written this post.

Which will tell you about getting a forgot password again very easily Which will give you a lot of easy passwords.

Just do not do anything to you. We will tell you a few easy steps to do them.

You will get a new password from them and then you can run your Facebook account again.

So now I’m going to tell you how to get my forgot password facebook account password new password.

How To Forgot Password Facebook

Step:- 1. The first thing to do is to open the browser in your computer or mobile Then you have to open the Facebook site .

Step:- 2. When the Facebook site opens,

the signup and sign will open before you Now, as the sign form,

the same must be written down the forgotten account.  You have to click on that.

Step:- 3.  A page will open when clicked, find for your Facebook account. 

The box below will contain your mobile number or email id.

If you have added an email to your Facebook account,

then enter the mobile number by email or mobile number. or SEARCH click now. see the photo.


Step:- 4. After clicking on the search you will see your Facebook account will be written on it rest your forgot password and it will be written next to next you have to click Next.

Step:- 5. On clicking Next,

a page will open in front of you in order to fill a verification code from you Verification code will come to your number in message That code you have to put in the verification box. After entering the verification code, click on Continue.

Step:- 6. One page will open when you click on Continue.

Which will be written on choose a new password In it you have to enter your new password that you want to keep After that you have to click on the Continue.



Your Facebook account forgot password SUCCESSFULLY congratulations.


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