Fix Facebook Account Blocked And Recovered Block account

Fix us your blocked Facebook account

If your friend has blocked your Facebook account. You are not able to open it. So you do not need to Tension . Because we have the solution to your problem. So we want to tell you if you have to turn on your blocked Facebook account again. Then you will look a bit. Now how much will it cost? We will tell you the post-end. Why am I taking money from you? It takes a lot of effort to turn the friend Facebook Block Account back on. And it does not turn on so easily. If this happens, then everyone would not have started.

Now this problem is getting more and more to everyone. Facebook account block because spam has become so popular that the Facebook website immediately blocks your account. These people have to face more trouble in this. Those who do not get personal data then what they will do. That’s why we have written this post for you. It can help you overcome your problems. So let us tell you how your troubles will be eliminated.

Regulation and condition to restart blocked Facebook account – 

  1. Your account will be activated only after the information you receive from us will be given to your Facebook.
  2. It is very important for you to have good information about your Facebook Block Account.
  3. You should restart the blocked Facebook account only if you need it more. Because your cost will be there.
  4. The blocked Facebook account is not restarted. You will not be charged. Because some accounts also get such a problem. Those permanent ones are blocked.
  5. If you restart your Facebook Blocked Account, you will have to pay 50% Advance of the cost.

Some of the most important information we can ask for anything from them. To turn on your account.

  • Your first name last name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • email address.
  • Mobile Number on register Facebook Account.
  • friends of name on your facebook account.
  • verification code receive on mobile number or email address.  
  • Any question you can ask is linked to your Facebook account.

Now we tell you. How much will it cost to start restarting your blocked facebook account?50$ Your Cost on blocked facebook account re-activate And 50% advance you will have to give. If your account is not running again. You will be refunded 100%

Can contact us- 

  1. comment on this post.
  2. my Whatsapp number – +12342174621
  3. email- [email protected]

These are the most you can contact us. If you need any further information related to the Internet. So comment.

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