How To Unblock Your Facebook Account Is Temporarily Locked

we’ve detected suspicious account and have temporarily locked it as a security precaution. it’s likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like facebook. this type of attack is know as phishing.

In this post we will tell you How to unblock your block Facebook account. Everyone knows that. Facebook account becomes blocked. Let me tell you some tips to avoid this.

Do not repeat what you make a mistake.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  1. Do not login to your Facebook account and contact us on the website.
  2. your Facebook account To Do not share any kind of link.
  3. Never use Fake Likes&comments. On your Facebook account.
  4. Never put a post sexually.
  5. Do not comment on anyone’s post in wrong language.
  6. If you are not giving a reply on the Facebook account. do not make more messages to him anytime.
  7. Do not share any post more often. In a group or page.
  8. Friends request not to send a lot together.

If you follow this rule,

you will never have a Facebook account block. Now the blocking Facebook account will be unblocked.

Unblock your Facebook Account Is Temporarily Locked

Step- 1. Go to facebook Enter your mobile number or email address in the login page. enter the password and login.

Step- 2. As soon as you click on the login It will be written in front of you. Confirm Your Identity There are two options in it. Cancel and OK You have to click OK.

step- 3. After ok, a page will open. Which will be written on. Your account is Temporarily locked Continue is written down here. Click to continue.

Step- 4. Continue After clicking on it Will be written. Keep your Account Secure 

Continue is written down here. Click to continue.

Step- 5. You will now have the option of Change Password. The first box is to enter a new password.  second box is to enter the re-type new password. Click to continue.

Step- 6. Will be written. Pages you liked or followed. They have to check them. And Click to continue.

Step- 7. Now it will be. People you Added or followed.  They have to All check them. And Click to continue.

Step- 8. Now it will be Check recent comments. They have to All check them. And Click to continue.

 UNLOCK FACEBBOKOn clicking Continue Your Facebook account will be unblocked. Friends, if you like this post, then commend your comments. You have a problem. They can also ask us. Share our post. Also subscribe to the blogs.

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