What is the difference between FAT and NTFS

What is the difference between FAT and NTFS

Many times when we format our pen drive, there are many file system options, and after viewing the file system, you might have thought that what is this? Why does the file system differ? How is this the difference between this? And in this article, we will explain the same thing that what is the file system? And what is the difference between them?


What is a file system?


To manage the file on hard disk and pen drive,

one standard has to be followed so that all files on this device are easy to work with.

This system device is a better way to manage a disk partition and file. whether it is any kind of storage system such as CD, DVD, pen drive, hard disk

You may have seen the data stored in your SD card or in the pen drive in the computer or in the mobile but sometimes you have thought how it is stored and why their filesystems are different? When you store data on a computer’s hard disk,

it is stored according to the different file system.

you store data in a pen drive,

it is stored according to the different file system. When you store a data in a CD or a DVD, it is stored according to their system. So, different file systems have been created so that the file can be managed for our school.

Types of file system


There are different types of filesystems and some of these are popular systems which are very much used. Because we know use our SD card and window in FAT32 and NTFS. Among these we are telling you below which is a very popular file system.

  • FAT ( FAT12, FAT16, FAT32)- Support DOS and Windows
  • NTFS – Support All windows
  • EXT ( EXT2, EXT3, EXT4) – support Linux versions

What is FAT?


The full name of this system is File Allocation Table system. This file system was created together in Bill Gates and Mark MacDonald in 1977. Slowly there are many changes made in this system, in which you can only store up to 4GB of data. After that gradually this file system was changed and its version went ahead and supported almost all service files.

What’s in the NTFS system?


  1. In FAT file system, more than 4gb of store can be used. But NTFS can also store large files. File size is on the capability.
  2. The biggest difference is fault tolerance. it means that file allocation in the FAT system maintains two copies of the table and if the system is defective for some reason the backup can be restored. 
  3. FAT is less secure than NTFS.


So now you have got to be FAT and NTFS information, what is this? And why is it necessary? And we have told you full of both file systems and what is the difference between it.