How to Block Games Notifications on Facebook

Whether you are trying to unsuspecting the block games that are being played by Facebook, or disturb you. How are you doing this article? You can also block any request from the game, or you can stop the notifications of any changes. How to Block Games Notifications on Facebook.

The game has played a great role in the game, but if it’s a game that has a lot of information about it, it’s very disturbing. But you do not worry because you have written an update to a notification from the author or to permanently stop the article.

How to Block Games Notifications on Facebook

Facebook does not block any of the requests from the app, but just stop it from going through the instructions. Follow the steps to get detailed guidance.

Step 1. First login to your Facebook account in any browser, go to Settings.

Step2. After going into the settings, go to the blocking option.

Step 3. The Blocking option lets you block the option of Block Apps, which allows you to type the name of the game, which will block the game. (You can block any of the 1 games from the games.)

Step4. To Block Apps You can block games any of the block invites by clicking on the option. You have to type your friend name, which means that you send a request to the game.

Step 5. Now going into game activity and all games ignore click her.

Now your job is done. Now you will not get block games requests, and you can surf the Facebook without any disturbing.

i Hope you like this trick. If you have any problems in block / disabling game requests, then you can ask in the comment.