Why is Adsense account disabled? How to keep it safe

If friend are also facing adsense you are Disabled (suspended). This post is going to be very helpful for you. We will tell you which adsense this is. With this you can not manipulate It is also the reason. Because Google is the system. All go on automatic. And they all know it. Man can be mistaken. But which is the automatic system. It can be a big deal to make a mistake. So do not make such a mistake that you have trouble ahead. I have done such a mistake as well. It has also disabled an adsense account from me. So if your account has not been disabled yet. So you must read this post. That’s your own advantage. Because your account has not been disabled. You are very fortunate.

Why is Adsense Account disabled?

Adsense Account is now a common thing to be disabled. What is it? Today, people want to be quick with money. To make money quickly, your adsense account is disabled. Now why this happens. What do these people do? The adsense ads are shown through They start clicking on it on their own. This makes them appear faster in recent times. But when you are going to reach the money transfer task, your adsense account is disabled. Or there is a condition and it is. Your adsense account is not verified. You can complete 10 $ for the PIN Verify. If you are clicking ADS yourself then your adsense account will definitely be disabled. These were some such information. Which is the new adsenses user. They do that. To earn fast. They do not know By doing this Adsense account also becomes disabled. Do not you make such a mistake.

This can be one of the reasons for your account being disabled. Somehow intentionally clicks on the advertisement appearing on your website, YouTube, application, In this case, your account will also be suspended. This is what they do. With you Which burns on your success.

This is the last. If you do not follow the AdSense policy properly. Your account is permanently suspended.

Note- Place the ads code in the right place, never put any wrong content in your website, YouTube, application. This may also suspend your account.

Your Adsense account is permanently suspended.

How to keep it safe

If you also want to prevent adsense account from being disabled. So you have to take special care of certain words. Why if a friend becomes inactive once your account becomes very problem. To avoid this, you should take care of many things.

Let us know those things that you have to take care of.

  1. Never place adsense code in an accidental place where accidentally clicked.
  2. Do not put more than 4 ads in any of your content.
  3. If you are putting advertisements on the website, then definitely set user visit limit. This will mean that no visitor will be able to click on your ads repeatedly. This will give you much relief from disabling your account.
  4. The most important thing I have written above in this post. Never post any content related to sexual, hacking and copying someone else’s content on your website or YouTube, and the application.
  5. Keeping in mind that you read the adsense policy in full. Should work. There will be no problem with you. Therefore, follow the policy of adsense. Your account will never be disabled.

So much so if you want any more information from us in this post. Do the commissions. tell something more. Share the post if you like it. Thank you for reading the post.

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