How to add multiple authors to Blogger and blog websites

How to add multiple authors to Blogger and blog websites 

You must have seen in many blogs that there are many author works blog websites. The blog which contains multiple authors is also very popular. You can also create your account in these blogs and post it on there. If you want, you can enable Guest Blogging in your blog. We are going to tell to Blogger users here how to add multiple author to the blog websites .

The blog which contains multi authors, remains post regularly updated. Such blogs are popular in a very short time. Because there are many authors for promoting it. All the guest blogs I’ve seen so far are all very popular and regular posts are updated.

If you want, you can add multiple authors to your blog. Normally, many people contact the owner of the blog for a post of post and send it to the post, but in many blogs you can contact the owner to become a writer and post.

There are many people who guest post in your blog due to the popularity of your blog. When you add a poster to the guest poster in a post, it will increase the eagerness of the people and post much more to your blog websites .

Sometimes it happens that we want to change the blog author’s email. Many people think that there is no option to change email in Blogger but it is an option. You can create an Administrator by adding another email to Blog. We are telling below that how do the multi author add to the blog websites ?

How to Add Multiple Author in Blog

Adding author to blog is very easy. If you are new you will have difficulty, but if you follow it carefully once, then you will not be able to forget again. If you want to add a new author to your blog then follow the steps below.

Step 1> First, login to Blogger and go to the blog dashboard.

  1. Now click in the settings.
  2. Now click on Basic.
  3. Click on Add Authors.
  4. Enter the email you want to add here.
  5. Now click on the button of Invite Authors.


Step 2> Send an email to the email you entered. You can open Mail by logging in to Gmail.

  1. Click Here on Accept Invitation

Step 3> Now you have to login with Google Account here and then your Author will be added to the blog websites .

Create Admin or Delete Author

Only the author that you have added can just add a post to your blog. If you want you can make him a full controller of Blog For this you have to change from Author to Admin. You can also delete any author or admin. For this, we are telling the following.

  1. The authors of your blog’s Settings -> Basic -> Blog Authors have as many authors as possible. There will be show on there.
  2. Here you can change the Authors permission.

I hope that with the help of this post, I would have added author to my blog websites .