How To Access Android from PC

How To Access Android from PC How to run an Android phone in a computer How to run mobile in a PC How do Android Mobile run in the computer? Android
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Hello friends Do you want to run Android Mobile’s screen in your computer? If so, let us know how you can get a simple way to access Android Mobile from the PC.

Now there will be questions in the minds of some people that this is what needs to be done. So let us tell you that there are some people who do more work in their computer, laptop.

If there is some necessary message, on their mobile, notification, then they have to check their mobile again and again.

But if the same mobile screen can run on the computer, then there will be no need to check the mobile again and again.

How To Access Android from PC

For this, your computer must have an internet connection. So let’s see how we do it.

Step 1. Open the google play store in mobile. Search there, after searching the Air Droid App, install it in your mobile.

Step 2. After installing, open the air droid app. Click on the first link on Air Droid Web.
After that click on Scan QR Code in the next screen.

Step 3. Open on your computer. Now there will be an option on Scan QR Code .

Scan that QR code with your mobile

Immediately after scanning the code
Your mobile screen will appear on your computer, from where you can manage your mobile


Through this you can manage file transfer, Remote control, SMS & notification, Remote camera & Web app.

With the help of no cable, mobile and computer can transfer between files. If you wish, you can also transfer the entire folder.

The most important thing is, you can manage your whatsapp message, notification.
So in this way we can access our android phone screen from my computer, laptop.